Who is really intelligent?


  1. Was Einstein intelligent?
  2. Is intelligence  just related to the mind and does it have nothing to do with the way you play out your relationships?
  3. How can you not learn from your own experiences and from those of others, and still consider yourself intelligent?
Let us understand intelligence as a general ability that may include several specific abilities. While general intelligence is a measure of how you interact with the environment around and adapt to it, specific intelligence would include your level of creativity,innovation,ability to solve problems, evaluation and judgmental skills and capacity for reasoning and lateral thinking.
If Einstein is considered a genius for his contribution to science, wouldn’t you say a housewife who keeps her home together with her ability to balance different elements and personalities of her household, is intelligent as well? She requires a certain skill set, needs to make the right choices and know the exact moment to play out those choices. Now that is intelligent, wouldn’t you agree.
Those who are able to apply the learning better and aptly, are more intelligent than the others. Intelligence, when it is sharply focused in one area, becomes the genius. And as is true of all extremes, a genius in one field is bound to be less than intelligent in others, many of which lesser intelligent people may take for granted. As a result, no genius has really been known to have led a happy personal life!
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